Anarchy Online Re-Evaluation Offer
Anarchy Online

All Anarchy Online accounts that were closed have been opened. These accounts are free of charge for thirty days to all previous patrons of the game who closed their account. Players will be able to restore their previous characters, or create new ones. There is no obligation to continue after the thirty day period; accounts will simply be re-closed if one does not wish to continue using the service.

In addition, Funcom has re-launched its Anarchy Online web site. The update allows players to catch up on the story, look up detailed information on fellow players, and is easier to navigate than the old site.

Also, in an attempt to gain a greater audience, Funcom has established the "Recruit a Friend" program. In this program, existing players are encouraged to invite their friends to play in return for free play time.

Anarchy Online is currently the only massively multi player online RPG on the market that is based in a science fiction world. The game takes place in the world of Rubi-Ka, where players follow an interactive storyline. Check out our game coverage for more.

by Joseph Witham    
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