Sega, Chunsoft Delay Shiren Mysterious Dungeons Gaiden

The Dreamcast can't seem to die with dignity, and now Sega has extended its death throes another few months with the announcement that it has, in conjunction with developer Chunsoft, delayed the upcoming title Shiren Mysterious Dungeons Gaiden: Asukaken. Sega and Chunsoft will now release the game on February 7th, 2002, as opposed to the originally intended December 20th release date. In what is perhaps a peace offering, the company is offering free Asukaken mousepads to gamers who purchase the game at their online outlet, D-Direct.

The game is a side story of the N64 Mysterious Dungeon series, and follows the adventures of the swordswoman Asukaken as she strives to protect her village home against attacks by criminals from another town. The game will feature network support, enabling players to team up and fight together, as well as providing downloadable items and skills from the server. There is minimal possibility of this game ever arriving in North America.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The Magic Box]
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