Alchemist Marie & Elie Released in Japan

Isuri(E3) Software will release Alchemist Marie & Elie today in Japan, almost four months to the day after the game was announced back in June by Gust Software. The game, a Wonderswan Color offering, will continue the popular series, which has developed quite a following in Japan. Atelier M&E's story revolves around the titular alchemists, who are both graduates of the Zarburg Alchemy Academy (however, Elie graduated with honours, while Marie barely squeaked through school.)

Now, the girls have just three (game) years to successfully concoct the ultimate alchemical compound, which will ensure the academy's assistance in funding their alchemy shop. With over 200 different items that can be created, however, the two will have their hands full. They will also deal with over 40 individual characters, each with a unique background. The game has a new system where both characters can be controlled simultaneously, and objectives are more easily achieved if the characters work together. The game also makes use of tea parties in order to create bonds between characters that can help Elie and Marie out.

Alchemist Marie & Elie should be in stores now in Japan, retailing at 4800 yen, which amounts to approximately $39.00 US. There is little hope of a North American release, since the Wonderswan Color has yet to make it out of Japan.

by Andrew Long    
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