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Path of Exile Receives an Expansion


Path of Exile

Grinding Gear Games has announced the release of a free expansion for its online PC action RPG, Path of Exile. The Forsaken Masters expansion is now live and includes a hefty amount of new features and content.

The titular Forsaken Masters are seven individuals who were exiled the continent of Wraeclast by a powerful tyrannical entity. Players will be able to find the Masters throughout the continent, and receive various missions, training, and other bonuses in exchange for their assistance.

The expansion also offers players the chance to create their own personal towns and hideouts, which can be customised. Players will be able to invite the Forsaken Masters to reside at their hideout in return for extra daily missions, training, and crafting options. The expansion also adds two new three-month Challenge Leagues, in addition to revamping some of the game's existing content.

Path of Exile was originally released in October 2013. RPGamer's Glenn Wilson played the game and gave it a glowing review.

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Path of Exile
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