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Valkyria Chronicles III Confirmed for PSP



After numerous rumors and an accidental Tokyo Games Show schedule leak, Valkyria Chronicles III has finally been officially confirmed by Sega. In Famitsu, Sega announced that the game will be for the PSP, and will be released in Japan in January. Producer Shinji Motoyama acknowledged that many fans are interested in another Valkyria Chronicles release for the PS3, but that Sega felt the PSP was the best place for the series to grow its audience.

Valkyria Chronicles III will be set in war-torn Gallia, during the same time as the first game, but with an entirely new story and main cast. The story is centered on Gallian Army squad 422, also known as the Nameless, because its members are referred to by number rather than name. Made up of criminals, deserters, and other outcasts, the fightin' 422 is sure to experience plenty of plot twists due to its members' shady pasts. Series fans need not worry, however, as outside squad 422 there will be plenty of appearances by characters from the first two games, some of whom will have important roles in the story.

There haven't been many gameplay details released yet, though Motoyama confirmed that VCIII will not be segmented into small missions like in the second game. Story progression will instead feel more like the original Valkyria Chronicles. The game's battle system will be undergoing some changes, including a renewed interface and more things to do during the "action" portion of battles. The battle maps will be larger and have more varied designs, and the game's units have been consolidated to focus on quality over quanitity and give each unit a clearer role. There will be no wireless gameplay, as the designers decided to concentrate on the single-player story instead.

There will be a playable demo of Valkyria Chronicles III at the Tokyo Game show, as well as an on-stage talk featuring the voice actors. The game's site will also be going live soon.

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