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Tales of Japan: Games We may Never See



There has been a veritable flood of Tales news out of Japan over the past week or so. Here's a quick roundup of the games in question. None of these games have been announced outside of Japan yet, and Namco has specifically stated that it has no current plans to bring Tales of Graces to North America.

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3

This latest entry in the Tales of the World crossover series will be appearing on the PSP. Here is a trailer in which Tales fans will see a number of familiar faces:

Tales of Graces PS3

Tales of Graces, which was notoriously buggy on the Wii, is presumably being fixed up as well as expanded in a PS3 port. The port will include a new post-game story in which the game's protagonists investigate a mysterious increase in the world's monster population. Here is the first trailer for Tales of Graces for the PS3:

New, Nameless PS3 Tales Game

In perhaps the most interesting news for hopeful North American Tales fans, Namco has announced that it is developing a new PS3-exclusive Tales game. The game does not yet have a title, but producer Hideo Baba has stated that its basic framework is complete. The art style of this game emphasizes the contrast between light and shadow, which gives it a different look from previous games in the series. Here are some pieces of concept art from Famitsu:

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