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JPN Release Date Chronicled for Level 5's White Knight


White Knight Chronicles

For the adventure-famished legions of PS3-owning RPGamers, auspicious announcements regarding Sony’s black monolith have been few and far between. Mark this as one tally on the "good" side of things. Acclaimed Playstation developers Level 5 have finally announced a Japanese release date for their long in development current generation debut White Knight Chronicles: Wave of the Ancient

The game, which features a stunning anime themed aesthetic, oversized anthropomorphic mechanized warriors and starry-eyed youth battling some mysterious evil or another, will see its release in the Japanese territory by December 25th 2008. Although no North American or European releases have been explicitly divulged, Level 5 games have historically had a relatively speedy turn around in their localization processes. Those who simply cannot bear to wait should be relieved that the PS3 is capable of playing games from any region without special modification.

Carrying a standard JPN software price of ¥6980, be prepared to see this one fly off the shelves and perhaps even move a few PS3s out of retailers' doors. With the release date of White Knight Chronicles: Wave of the Ancient just around the proverbial bend, stay tuned to RPGamer for further updates and up-to-date media.

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White Knight Chronicles: Wave of the Ancient
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