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Gothic III to Finally See the Light of Day


Gothic III

After being tightly held under wraps, Gothic III will finally make a public appearance at the European Consumer Games fair in Leipzig, Germany. This will be the first public appearance of the game in any form since its announcement. The fair commences in just under a month, so gamers still have a very long time to wait. The developer, Piranha Bytes, has expected this, however, and have placed some of the game's music tracks on the official website to tide fans over.

Two pieces are available for download: "Gothic III Medley" and "Divine Powers", as performed by the Bochum Symphony Orchestra, which should come as a pleasant surprise to RPGamers with an ear for classical music. That said, the downloads currently available have not been edited.

Gothic III is centered around a large-scale orc invasion which must, of course, be stopped at all costs. The game is projected for a Q1 release in 2006.

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Gothic III
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