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Neverwinter Nights: Pirates of the Sword Coast Characters Introduced


Neverwinter Nights

Bioware recently updated its Neverwinter Nights: Pirates of the Sword Coast website with descriptions of the characters players will encounter on the Midnight Rose, the "most notorious ship ever to sail the untamed seas." This ship is the player's base of swashbuckling operations in the new premium module. Five characters were introduced.

Captain Allendry is the grizzled ol' man who has sailed the Midnight Rose to every honest port in the Sea of Swords, slowly amassing a fortune through honest trade. Some suggest he's not as law-abiding as he seems, frequenting some of the less-than-honest ports as well, and spending some time as a Jack Tar.

First Mate Nisar, hailing from the deepest jungles of Chult, spent the bulk of his life at sea and more than half aboard the Midnight Rose. He has a reputation as a shore-leave brawler thanks to his fiery temper, but his honest nature and absolute loyalty make him worthy of Allendry's trust as a First Mate.

Rahman Madani, a Calishite wizard, art collector, and distinguished member of Fourth Circle of the Shifting Sands, has recently unearthed an impressive and mysterious statue from the sands of the Anauroch Desert. Rahman has hired the Midnight Rose to take him and the statue far to the south, to Calimshan, famous for its lucrative art auctions.

Lady Tasina Alcrest, an enigmatic noblewoman of unknown lineage, booked last-minute passage aboard the Midnight Rose, not even inquiring about its intended destination. Strangely, this noblewoman seems at home with the humble sailors of the Midnight Rose.

Finally, Poly the Parrot, a typical and required pet for any pirate, was taught how to speak by Captain Allendry. The only problem is, it won't shut up. A coward, bad singer, and ridden with fleas, Poly is known amongst the crew as "The Dreadful Curse o' the Midnight Rose."

Adventurers wishing to know more about these characters and their high-seas adventures can now purchase and download the Pirates of the Sword Coast Premium Module at the Bioware Store.

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