Final Fantasy III Finally On Deck

After the WonderSwan Color died its ignominous death last year, the future of the handheld port of Final Fantasy III was cast into doubt, a situation further clouded by the fact that the other two NES installments in the series were lumped together and tossed onto the PlayStation with nary a mention of the third game. Fans of the series will be happy to know, however, that Square Enix has not forgotten entirely about the title, and discussions concerning the economic implications of which platform the game is released on are currently underway.

The WonderSwan Color port was under development for some time when the decision to halt its release was made, so it is possible that the game may yet wind up on the dead system. This seems unlikely, however; while Bandai allegedly picked up the publishing rights for the game back in March, nothing more came of that particular report. Logic dictates that a Game Boy Advance port would be available to a much wider audience, if Bandai did not, in fact, pick up the rights. A less likely alternative is a PlayStation port in the same vein as Final Fantasy Origins, but seeing as how there is no other popular title to lump in with FFIII (unless the company opts to go the route of Final Fantasy Chronicles and throw in a game from a different series such as Seiken Densetsu), such a port would have to be a standalone title. Whatever ends up happening, no North American localization has been confirmed as yet, although such a release would not be unreasonable to expect. RPGamer will continue to follow this story as it develops.

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by Andrew Long    
with contribution by Jesse Kanda
Source: [Quiter]

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