Working Designs shifts Lunar's phase

   Since yesterday, we've had a chance to speak with Working Designs about the reasons for the Lunar : Silver Star Story Complete delay, as well as other tasty treats of info from within the Working Designs world.

   Josh Lane from Working Designs explained that Lunar has been pushed back until December in order to help get other more-frequently delayed titles onto store shelves as quickly as possible. Other unconfirmed reports state that development is progressing, but is slowed by not yet having all of the data from Game Arts' Japanese release.

   Additionally, Mr. Lane confirmed that Magic Knight Rayearth has been delayed from October to "early to mid-November." Apparent throughout all of the delays, however, is that Working Designs is doing their best to develop and publish the games, and shares the same frustrations RPG enthusiasts are feeling with the setbacks.

   As always, street dates for the latest RPGs are available in RPGamer's Release Dates.

   While Working Designs may have more personality in their janitorial closet than some companies have in their entire buildings, one quirk that they are (in)famous for is constant delays for some of their games. The latest, Lunar : Silver Star Story Complete, has now been pushed back another moon -- from November to December, 1998.

   The reason for the delay is unknown at this time, as Working Designs offered no explanation on their web page. Thankfully, Working Designs' mystery RPG is still set for a December 1998 release and the Sega Saturn's final American release, Magic Knight Rayearth, is still slated for an October 1998 street date.

   Look for an update to this news story sometime Wednesday with an explanation for the delay.

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