Final Fantasy VIII's first villain discovered
Witch Idea
Dangerously beautiful...and beautifully dangerous

   Although some may lament about the over-enthusiasm of the media's coverage, the simple fact remains: RPG fans want to hear about Final Fantasy VIII, and RPGamer is here to bring you the latest news. Revealed just recently over in Japan is what seems to be the game's first villain -- "Majo Idea", translated as "Witch Idea".

   The mysterious, slim woman in the scan obtained from Shonen Jump #42 is unmistakably evil, yet exudes an aura of vulnerability. In the screen shots for the game, the CG scenes depict a "witch parade", according to the text. The float she sits on moves through the street, surrounded by multitudes of onlookers. Surprisingly enough, Seifer stands on the float in front of the new character in one of the screen shots. The little troll-like men, by the way, are elements of the magazine, and not Final Fantasy VIII.

   The young-looking woman is reportedly a powerful witch (as her name and partially translated text seem to indicate). Other text translated at this point may indicate that she is from a family of witches, although a decent translation has not been obtained as of yet. Look for more information on the character to be updated and revealed in this article as translations come in from devoted fans.

   A smaller version of the rather large scan is available here.

Scan by: [Paozu Yama]

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