Parasite Eve infects stores

   After a false start earlier this week, Square's "cinematic RPG" Parasite Eve began shipping early yesterday for the Sony PlayStation. Spread over two CDs, the game stars Aya Brea, a rookie detective for the NYPD, who is thrown into the middle of a bizzare sub-cellular conspiracy in the heart of Manhattan. Square's official street date is September 15th, although the visually stunning title began shipping yesterday and is expected to arrive in most stores by the 10th. Additionally, the game is shipping with a playable Xenogears demo, as well as some Final Fantasy VIII and Brave Fencer movies -- all expected to be large incentives to purchase the latest release.

   Looking for a place to talk about the game? Want to swap tips and tricks with other gamers? Think Aya looks absolutely mah-ve-lous in her evening gown? RPGamer has decided to set up a devoted message board for each popular new RPG released in the future, to complement the other series-based boards -- starting with Parasite Eve. These boards will be kept established as long as demand warrants. Check it all out in Interaction's Message Boards.

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