RPGamer launches "funky and awesome" new design

   By now, you've hopefully noticed a brand-new and radical change to the layout and design of RPGamer's pages. After slaving away for weeks working on the new layout, often subjected to horrifying and degrading working conditions, RPGamer's staff has finally completed the redesign. The launch today also coincides with major changes made throughout the Imagine Games Network.

   In a rare media opportunity, we were privelged enough to speak with a few of the people behind the new design. Brian Glick, while jamming to a new CD recently purchased, described the new design as "funky and awesome." He went on to explain that the new design is "about as cool as you can get. I mean, just look at those gnarly buttons, and the absolutely rocking Interaction section! Like...dude!"

   Brian Maniscalco detailed some of the underlying messages in the new design further. "What most people will probably initially gloss over regarding RPGamer's new look is its strong, underlying environmental message. It's got a very 'green peace,' very 'save the rain forests' motif to it when you look beyond the flashy exterior," he effused. Mike Tidwell, however, offered another view to the whole process. "Never have I seen so many backward ideas come together as seamlessly as this design has. Sometimes I wondered if we would get done this year, let alone this month. It has taken many long nights, but it's the least we can do for all our fans." Unfortunately, other staff members were not available for comment at press time.

   What can you expect to find throughout the new RPGamer, though? Here's your quick and painless guide to the many changes you'll find:

  • Redesign of the Table of Contents and linking pages for far easier viewing. Navigation throughout the site is easily accomplished with intuitive linking.
  • Streamlining between game media (screen shots, movies, artwork, previews, reviews, information, etc.) and fan-interactive submissions (fan artwork, music, fanfics, letters, message boards, etc.). Both game media and fan interaction is summarized on the main page of the site, while further details are then available on both "Latest" and "Interactive," respectively.
  • A re-launch of the letters section. Check it out in Interaction!
  • An appealing new design of navigational buttons and header graphics on the main navigational pages. RPGamer extends its deepest thanks to Jeremy Parish for the excellent work.

   Expect things to flesh out more in the next couple of weeks, especially in the Interaction section. We hope you love the new RPGamer design, and we welcome your feedback!

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