Further FF VIII plot information uncovered
Squall and Seifer
Squall and Seifer train at Garden

   In these days of little RPG-related news, we bring you a couple new tidbits of Final Fantasy VIII related info. While nothing major has been revealed, the Japanese magazine V-Jump has learned of several new details in the plotline of Square's next Final Fantasy.

   Reportedly, the scan on the left recently obtained from another Japanese gaming magazine depicts Squall and Seifer training at the military school, Balamb Garden (previously known only as "Garden"). For unexplained reasons, during the training match, Seifer used whatever means necessary to defeat Squall. While magic and the Gunblade's energy trigger are normally strictly prohibited in combat, Seifer pulled the trigger the instant the blade met contact with Squall's forehead (since we all know a blade can't cause that kind of scar without additional power).

   Seifer also appears to have a scar on his forehead, although pictures are not clear enough to be sure. No explanation is given on how Seifer obtained his scar, should he have one. Additionally, Squall's country has been given a name of "Dukedome of Balamb." Transportation in this land is carried out by train, although other methods, such as the attack boats seen in the demo, are expected to be revealed.

   The CG sequence that the training appears in is reportedly in the true intro to the game, rather than the attack sequence which opens on the demo, which was recently included with Brave Fencer Musashi in Japan. Also in the magazine is an ad displaying a side view of Rinoa, who is leaning forward, smiling, with a curious emblem displayed on the back of her clothing. Expect scans of the screen shots and other tidbits from the magazine later this week.

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