ASCII takes gamers on roller-coster ride

   Feeling a little woozy yet? We don't blame you. ASCII Entertainment has thrown gamers for another twisting loop by confirming that they are "in talks" on whether or not to reverse the decision against bringing RPG Maker and Fighter Maker to North America.

   The move came soon after devoted fan Chris Knudsen submitted a popular petition asking for the games to be localized and translated. With this, in addition to a massive number of letters and emails sent to ASCII pleading for a change in the decision, ASCII is reconsidering the cancellation of the game...again. ASCII seemed to have been swayed at the E3 tradeshow, but then responded to inquiries about the game with room for little hope. Even now, ASCII is quick to affirm that they haven't come to a decision as of yet.

   RPG Maker is a revolutionary title for the Sony PlayStation that allows gamers to create and program RPGs to be played and traded. The game wasn't a huge hit in Japan, but a growing number of fans in North America have been upset by the decision to cancel the release of the title. Rest assured that RPGamer will bring you the latest developments on this as they come!

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