Crave saves Shadow Madness for next year

    Crave reported to the press today that they have decided to hold back their debut RPG Shadow Madness until the new year. The reason for this delay is the abundance of large titles released in the fourth quarter this year. Jane Gilbertson, Crave's Senior Director of Marketing, had this to say about the delay:

Shadow Madness is an incredible RPG that can potentially launch a franchise. It is important to ensure that Shadow Madness is not rushed into a saturated market. Our goal is to avoid producing a great game that no one knows about.

    Crave commends Sony for helping bring the RPG genre to its present state. When Crave planned for the November release, they did not expect the large amount of RPGs that would be released in the final few months of the year. As the President of Crave states, "Each year, more publishers save their biggest and brightest titles for the fourth quarter, but, I've never seen so many successful franchises scheduled for release during a single Holiday season."

    Even though the game was on schedule for the November release, Crave promises that they will take advantage of the extra time to add new features, refine the overall gameplay, and polish the screen text.

Source: [Crave Press Release]

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