Chocobo returns to FF for the ninth time
How long can he keep that smile?

   While you may have heard that the chocobo is returning to the Final Fantasy series in Final Fantasy VIII, all we have known up until now is that the creature would have a more "realistic" appearance. Well...more realistic than previous games, in any case. Now, the first visual indication of this new apperance has been revealed.

   The chocobo doesn't appear markedly different from previous games in the Final Fantasy series, apart from the added detail. It does make quite a contrast with the "cutesy," cartoonish appearance in the Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon series and the slew of chocobo genres set to hit Japan.

   Our yellow, feathered friend is making his ninth Final Fantasy apperance now, starting in the Japanese Final Fantasy II, working his way up through to FFA, FF VII, and FF Tactics. The only major variation in his shape throughout the series was the giant, bloated "Big Chocobo" of two Final Fantasies. It remains to be seen how the chocobo will be worked into Final Fantasy VIII's storyline.

Source: [PSM Online]

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