RPG Maker cancellation reversal highly unlikely

   A spokesman for ASCII Entertainment revealed today that the possibility of RPG Maker reaching North American shores within the near future is extremely slim. While ASCII suggested at the E3 tradeshow in Atlanta earlier this year that they were planning to make a final decision soon after the show, creating the possibility that the cancellation decision might be reversed, no announcement was heard, and many fans were left wondering.

   The reason, ASCII explained, is that the original game developers in Japan were split up and assigned to different projects after completing RPG Maker, and that it simply wasn't viable to pull them from those projects to work on the American localization. ASCII was overwhelmed with requests for the game after the original cancellation announcement, and attempted to find a solution to satisfy gamers. Unfortunately, no practical resolution was found.

   They are, however, working on a strategy RPG known as Master of Monsters, a remake of the classic 1994 game for the Sega Genesis. It is due for a release around the beginning of September. We'll be bringing you thoughts and impressions of the game shortly.

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