Sour taste hits Lunar's price

   As reported yesterday, Lunar : Silver Star Story complete, the remake of the classic Sega CD RPG soon to be released on the Sony PlayStation, is expected to be packaged with a large amount of special additions. The costs of the cloth map, arranged soundtrack, "making-of" CD, and other goods have pushed the price of the game up, however.

   The suggested retail price of the game is $69.95, making it one of the most expensive PlayStation games ever, if not the most expensive. Is it worth it, though? From what we can tell so far, RPGamer believes so. Not only does the game itself seem to be extremely promising, but coming from Working Designs, the materials included should be of the highest quality. Working Designs won the best overall packaging award from SCEA in March this year for the comparatively less polished packaging of Alundra. The price tag seems to be a small price to pay for an amazing gaming experience, both on and off your television.

   Look for more information from RPGamer as the expected October release date nears.

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