Details revealed for three more FFVIII characters
Rinoa, Seifer, 
and Zell
Zell is afflicted with "hair gel syndrome"

   For the past couple of months, Squall and Laguna, the two main characters of Square's upcoming blockbuster Final Fantasy VIII, were the only two characters with artwork and character descriptions. RPGamer has now discovered artwork and descriptions of three more major characters in the game: Rinoa, Seifer, and Zell.

   Rinoa Heartilly, previous translated as "Lenore," is described as a pleasant, joyful woman, and plays a large role in the story. Her character is also expected to evolve as far more than the love interest in the game (she is most likely the woman Squall is holding in the logo).

   Seifer is a new character that hasn't been heard of until now. Seifer is a trained fighter and soldier, and has some sort of rivalry with Squall. Now confirmed, Seifer is the man with the white cape in the FF8 demo packaged with the recently released Brave Fencer Musashiden, in Japan.

   Finally, Zell, also translated recently as "Zeru," is a spiky-haired teen with some sort of marking on his face. He is a fighter who is seeking entrance into the military school Garden, the school Squall is enrolled in. Take a look at RPGamer later this week for far more demo coverage.

Source: [Shonen Jump]

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