Suikoden II confirmed for US release

   In a news exclusive, RPGamer has learned that Konami is planning to release Suikoden II for the Sony Playstation, sometime after the Japanese release.

   While speaking to a public relations representative at Konami of America, a spokeswoman revealed that a Suikoden II release in North America is "in the pipeline," but could not comment on a release date.

   Genso Suikoden 2 was announced to be in development at the E3 tradeshow last month in Atlanta. The game will officially go by the name Akatsuki Teikokugawa, which translates in English to mean, roughly, "Red Moon: The Emporer's Countryside."

   Genso Suikoden was originally one of the first RPGs for the Sony Playstation, and was met with a great deal of support when it was released. Look for full coverage of Suikoden II on RPGamer as we get it!

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