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Working Designs clarifies release date schedule


Working Designs, a video game publishing company famous for its translating and publishing of many Japanese RPGs, has recently clarified its upcoming release date schedule for the remainder of the year, as follows.

* Elemental Gearbolt - July 13 * Thunder Force V - August 13 * Magic Knight Rayearth - August * Lunar : Silver Star Story Complete - September * Silhouette Mirage - October * Mystery RPG - December

Elemental Gearbolt, the first shooter to claim to be an RPG as well, is the first title to be released. Afterwards, Thunder Force V is expected, and then sometime in the same month the long anticipated Magic Knight Rayearth will finally be ready for release. The game has been in production for several years already, and after many delays the game is finally almost ready. Working Designs has also refined the American version a great deal, adding exceptional voice dialogue.

Later, in September this year, Lunar : Silver Star Story Complete will be released. The game is a greatly enhanced version of Lunar : The Silver Star, originally released to wonderful reviews on the unpopular Sega CD system. Afterwards, another non-RPG is expected called "Silhouette Mirage", and then a mystery RPG is expected to finish off Working Design's year. RPGamer has no information on what this game might be, but expect to hear about it as soon as we know!

All titles are to be released on the Playstation, with the exception of Magic Knight Rayearth, for the Saturn.

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Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete | Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
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