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Steven Universe: Save The Light Impression - E3


Steven Universe: Save The Light

Steven Universe: Save the Light is a direct sequel to the mobile-exclusive title Attack the Light and requires some basic knowledge of the television show to fully enjoy.

The prism befriended in Attack the Light is in danger and Steven sets out to save it alongside the Gems, Connie, and Greg. The whole of Beach City is also here, letting you run around an accurate representation of the town and talk to all its residents.

Combat is managed with a shared pool of action points (called star points) that can be spent as the player desires on various attacks of differing costs amongst the many characters. Greg's combat role is that of a bard, doing continuing buffs, debuffs, or damage until interrupted by an enemy's attack. Connie joins the fray as a big damage dealer who is also capable of fending off someone from all attacks. Steven and Connie can even fuse to become Stevonnie, letting them use even more powerful buffs or attacks.

Much like its predecessor, the game relies heavily on the combat timing elements made popular by the Super Mario RPG series in order to dish out additional damage or minimize how much you take. Added to this are boss battles with gimmicks. For example, against a wood chipping machine named Dave, letting the battle go long is a big mistake. For you see Dave's minions will feed it more and more wood which eventually powers up an unblockable, heavy-damage attack. Defeating Dave's minions to avoid them feeding it wood is key.

Fans of the show will enjoy the original voice actors reprising their roles in the game, though not all lines in the main story will be voiced.

In terms of character progression, each party member will have the ability to spend their experiene on skill bars, some of which will be specific to the characters while others will be more generic, like attack or teamwork.  As you progress through these bars, new skills will be unlocked.

The game captures the spirit of the show with amazing animations, such as Steven skipping around, smiling incessantly, and rolling down hills.

Save the Light plans to jump onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this fall.

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