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Pyre Lights Up in July



Supergiant Games, maker of Bastion and Transistor, have announced the release date for its newest project, Pyre. The title will arrive on PlayStation 4 and PC on July 25, 2017.

Pyre takes place in the world of Downside, a mystical purgatory where many individuals end up in search of redemption. The multitude of characters, ranging from demons to harpies, engage in Rites. Rites are small scale, tactical maps where the player will attempt to extinguish the opponent's flame. Rites will have three characters at a time on each team that can be further customized with Talents and Masteries.

The game will also feature branching stories for the many characters where failures in the fight may not mean game over. Instead, different story turns will take place depending on the outcomes of Rites, but there will be no Game Overs in the conventional sense. A local multiplayer mode will also be available, allowing two players to make custom teams from a selection of twenty characters and battle each other.

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