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Dragon Quest XI Details Growth and Skills


Dragon Quest XI

Square Enix has updated the Japanese site for Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time. Alongside a host of new images for the game, new details on the Skill Panel and Spell of Restoration systems were also given.

The Skill Panel will act as the main method of leveling in Dragon Quest XI. Each character will have a grid of panels that mark different abilities and stat increases. Spending Skill Points unlocks new panels and can be unlocked in any order, allowing the player to freely choose how to construct their characters.

Another unique feature of the game, or at least a throwback to passwords of old, will be the Spell of Restoration. By inquiring about it at a church, players can obtain a code that will recognize their progress through the game and they will be able to use that code on any of the game's available platforms — PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo 3DS — to continue the game from roughly the same place. The codes are prepackaged to have set progress and items, so it will not carry over totally.

Dragon Quest XI will release in Japan on July 29, 2017. There is currently no word on an English version of the game.


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