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Mac's Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Journey - Issue 15


Final Fantasy

I've made some solid progress into disc two of Final Fantasy IX this week despite lots of distraction from a certain console game starring Phantom Thieves. I really want to plow through this game now, because I have quite a few things on the backlog I want to get to and this is my third playthrough of FFIX. Still having a blast, though, because it has been too long since I played this one.

If you want to catch up on my prior pieces, here's a link to last week's Issue 14.

Final Fantasy IX (PSP, PS1 Classic)

Last week, I'd just gotten to Lindblum after the attack. Zidane and crew were quick to hightail it out of there and made their way into Qu Marsh where they found Quina again. I've actually started to develop some fondness for the hungry blue mage this time, as s/he has been much more useful when I've taken the time to get more spells. The party made it into Fossil Roo, an area that highlights something I hate in RPGs. I cannot stand having pointless navigation puzzles where you have to travel back and forth to find the right path through a dungeon while fighting random battles. Nothing about Fossil Roo is hard, it's just tedious traveling that is the biggest hindrance.

Having finally made it through Fossil Roo and into the Outer Continent, I can also say that I don't love the overworld in FFIX. Typically, overworlds are great, but there's just something about the world map and length of battle transitions that just makes travel take longer than it should. Thankfully, things are pretty close, so I made it to and through Conde Petie and headed to the Black Mage Village. I love this village, as it really helps give Vivi even more character development, which is always a great thing. Vivi is easily the highlight of this game's story, as he's just so hard not to love. After some great story beats, we headed back to Conde Petie to try to get into the Sanctuary. I'm pretty sure it's almost new party member time. I love it.

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