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Marvel Heroes Omega Assembling on Consoles


Marvel Heroes Omega

Gazillion has announced that it will be bringing a spinoff of its free-to-play title Marvel Heroes 2016 to consoles, beginning with PlayStation 4. Titled Marvel Heroes Omega, the game will be an isometric MMO action RPG featuring dozens of playable Marvel characters. Players will pick a character and follow a story that will take them through many iconic Marvel locations as they level up, unlock new skills, and collect a lot of loot.

Omega will be entirely free-to-play but will feature in-game purchases. Two kinds of currency are implemented: G Currency, which is paid for with real money, and Eternity Splinters, which are found during play and can be used on most premium purchases. Marvel Heroes 2016 and Omega will be separate entities, so will not be connected through multiplayer or other features.

The company is also planning a closed beta for PlayStation 4 that can be accessed by purchasing Founder's Packs through the PlayStation Store. Those who participate in the beta will receive Daredevil for free when the final game releases. That release is planned for this spring, with an Xbox One version planned for an unspecified point in the future. Gazillion stated the reason for the staggered release was to focus all their efforts on one version at a time.


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