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Shenmue III Kickstarted, Ryu's Journey to be Completed - E3


Shenmue III

During the Sony press conference, many games that were considered pipe-dreams became a reality. One such project that was announced was a Kickstarter project for Shenmue III. Yu Suzuki, creator of the Shenmue franchise, announced that he was planning to kickstart a project for Shenmue III, as it's been a project he has wanted to complete since the end of Shenmue II back in 2001. Shenmue III is set to release on PC and PlayStation 4.

Well, as of this news story, the project's goal of two million dollars, has been funded. In fact, it met its goal within ten hours of its posting, and is currently at $2,608,673, with over 33,041 backers at this time. With thirty-one days left in the Kickstarter project, there's still stretch goals at this time to be funded. If you wish to support the project, check it here. Also make sure to view the trailer below.

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