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Zeboyd Announces Cosmic Star Heroine


Cosmic Star Heroine

Zeboyd Games has just announced its next title, an original space odyssey titled Cosmic Star Heroine. The heroine in question is super-spy Alyssa L’Salle, who has just been outed by the galactic government and now faces a slew of enemies. Although this is not a parody RPG like many of Zeboyd's previous titles, the creators promise that it will still contain plenty of humor.

Here are several game features, as posted on the company's official website:

  • Future sci-fi setting
  • 2D pixel art visuals (but with various improvements over our previous games including bigger and more animated ally sprites)
  • Created with Unity so that we can cover more platforms
  • No separate combat screen – combat will occur directly on the same maps that you explore on [ed: combat remains turn-based]
  • Enemy groups will no longer just stay in one place on maps but will patrol and chase after the player as appropriate
  • Players will be able to customize their own spy headquarters by recruiting more agents (think the Suikoden series)

    Zeboyd also introduced us to concept art of Alyssa, which can be seen below. As the game has just been announced, there is no release date available at this point.

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    Cosmic Star Heroine
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