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Celebrate Dragon Bashing in Guild Wars 2


Guild Wars 2

Most holiday events in MMORPGs are related to real-world holidays like Halloween and Christmas. ArenaNet, however, has just announced a Guild Wars 2 holiday celebration that is truly endemic to its world of Tyria. The Dragon Bash celebration runs from June 11 to July 9, giving players a month-long holiday celebrating the fight of the mortal races against the powerful dragons.

During the festival, the capital city of Lion's Arch will be transformed into party central, complete with a giant holographic dragon and reptilian piņatas that players can break open to receive Dragon Bash candies. Players will be able to participate in a new mini-game, Dragon Ball, or bet on moa races.

Limited-time events during the festival include fireworks shows from June 14-17 and the ceremonial burning of dragon effigies starting on June 18. All of these events will be accompanied by special prizes such as holographic dragon wings and unique weapon skins.

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