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Project X Zone Prepares a Date, an Edition, and a Trailer


Project X Zone

Namco Bandai Games has launched a new trailer for its 3DS crossover Project X Zone, and with it has revealed some new information about that game's upcoming release. First, it has announced that the title will be launching in Europe on July 5, only a short time after the North American release date of June 25. Second, the game will have a Limited Edition release which will include a mini-artbook, a poster, and a music CD at no added cost.

The trailer itself shows off the many characters from various Namco Bandai, Sega, and Capcom franchises who will be playable in the game. Like most of the earlier trailers, it focuses entirely on character attacks and doesn't show the game's tactical side. Interestingly, while the trailer indicates that the game will not include the original's Japanese voices, or any voices for that matter, subtitles will be added in the place of some spoken lines.

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Project X Zone
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