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Disgaea 4 Coming in Fall


Disgaea 4

NIS America has announced that the latest entry in their iconic tactical RPG series, Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten, will be released in North America this coming September and in Europe this Fall. The company has also put up a new official website for the game. There isn't much information there right now, but it will be updating as the game draws closer to release.

In addition to release dates and official websites, NIS America has also announced that, much like with some of its other recent releases, it will be holding a contest to promote Disgaea 4. This contest, awkwardly titled the "Come up with a Dis-name-a Contest," will let participants create names for an item, usable skill, and an NPC in Disgaea 4. The winning entries will be used in the actual game as well as the winners' names. More details can be found at the official contest site.

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Disgaea 4
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