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Years in the Making, Too Human Finally gets Release Date


Too Human

Silicon Knights has recently announced that its Xbox 360 RPG, Too Human, will be released on August 19. Come August, players will take on the role of the cybernetic god Baldur as he combats against mysterious war machines to save humanity from extinction using a wide variety of weapons, armors, cybernetic implants, and skills for maximum customization.

Too Human implements classical Norse mythology into a futuristic world where Baldur, favored son of Odin and a member of humanity's protection group, Aesir, must balance his sense of duty against his desire for retribution with the possibility of sacrificing his humanity in the process. The game also features an easy to learn combat system that takes advantage of complex combat maneuvers. In addition, there is an online two-player co-op mode through Xbox LIVE for players who have Xbox LIVE Gold Membership. Too Human is rated "T" for Teen.

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Too Human
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