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Anti-Piracy Measure Called Off for PC Mass Effect


Mass Effect

BioWare recently revealed its plan to include a mechanism called SecuRom in the upcoming PC version of Mass Effect, which is scheduled to hit store shelves on May 28th. SecuRom would verify the game's authentication key every ten days and subsequently deny access to anyone using an invalid key.

Due to an overwhelmingly negative response from fans, BioWare has decided to remove the anti-piracy measure from the game.  "To all the fans including our many friends in the armed services and internationally who expressed concerns that they would not be able [to] re-authenticate as often as required," said BioWare's Chris Priestly, "EA and BioWare want you to know that your feedback is important to us."

The PC version of Mass Effect will feature several upgrades to the 360 version, including mouse-friendly changes to the user interface and a revised inventory management system. More information on this decision and the PC version's features can be found on BioWare's official forum page

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Mass Effect
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