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Atlus Defies the Gods, Announces Growlanser for North America



Atlus today revealed that later this summer, RPGamers in North America will be able to pick up Growlanser: Heritage of War for the PlayStation 2. The title will be released as a special edition that will give loyal fans some commemorative bonuses that will be announced at a later date.

With little hope of getting off the island they inhabit, the people wage war for survival for what little bit of fertile land remaining. Even getting control over this land won't leave them safe, as fearfully powerful monsters known as Screapers are slowly encroaching upon them.

Featuring the art of Satoshi Urushihara, this title will span five long chapters, totalling approximately 70 hours of gameplay. This title uses a strategic party-based combat system that puts the command of a number of troops in the hands of players. Gamers are also given the ability to customize the abilities of their characters through the use of ability trees. As characters level up, so do their ability plates.

Players can also train a fairy companion that may help them during their quests, all depending on the richness of the interaction. These fairies may also be entered into the great Fairy Contest. At this tournament, the player's fairy will be tested on her skills which are all based on how well players trained them.

Enriching the gameplay, the game also includes a Friendship and Personality Rating System where the player's actions determines how well interactions with others take place. Players can mold the protagonist's personality however suits them. Players may also reveal their true feelings to other characters and if they end up feeling the same way, they are treated to a bonus hand-drawn character-specific ending animation.

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