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Wonder Boy Saves the World



The Nintendo Wii VC service has added a new classic RPG to its ranks, this time in the form of a character many know and love: Wonder Boy. Titled Wonder Boy in Monster World, the game was originally released in 1991 for the Sega Genesis. Known as Wonder Boy V: Monster World III in Japan, the title is also the last Wonder Boy game to be released in English.

In Wonder Boy in Monster World, you control a young boy named Shion. Shion is on a quest to save the peaceful land of Monster World from an evil creature called BioMeka and his invading army of monsters. The controls are very much like a platform game, with running, jumping and slashing your weapons. However, the game also includes your traditional RPG elements, such as NPC characters, grinding for gold to buy new items, and equipping new armor, weapons and magic. Those who have played the most recent VC title and Wonder Boy look-alike game Dragon's Curse will feel a sense of familiarity, as Wonder Boy was the series that spawned the Dragon's Curse remake.

Wonder Boy in Monster World releases today, April 23, on the Wii's Virtual Console service. It sells for 800 points.

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Wonder Boy in Monster World
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