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Nintendo to Vacate the Stars This Fall


Magical Starsign

Nintendo has announced that it has not only renamed Magical Vacation, which is for the DS, but also that the company has set a release date. Magical Starsign, which is actually a sequel to the Japanese-only release of Magical Vacation for the GBA, will release in North America on October 23 of this year.

This title, which retained the Magical Vacation name in Japan, was released there just recently, on June 22. The game is a standard single-player roleplaying game, though it also has an amigo dungeon that is playable for one to six players.

Players will find themselves in outer space, on an adventure to save their teacher and other classmates. The game focuses on magic attacks and this is especially shown in the characters themselves. Each of the characters have a "sign" that is linked to a planet, determining what type of magic they can use. As the planets move through the solar system, these magic attacks change in effectiveness, adding a bit of strategy to the battle system.

Characters may either sit on the front row in battle, allowing them the ability to attack single enemies physically or through the use of magic, or they can sit on the back row and choose to not attack physically so they can attack groups of enemies with magic. Players will be able to travel through the galaxy, collecting items and money, all while leveling up and getting stronger, just as they might do in any traditional roleplaying game. One things that players will not be familiar with is the use of the stylus, which may be used to do basically everything in the game, from battling and using menus to conversations and traveling.

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