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Buena Vista Games Announces Spectrobes for Nintendo DS



Recently, Buena Vista Games announced that it is going to be creating its first video game based on an original property. Up until now the company, as the interactive entertainment arm of Disney, has only been creating titles based on Disney intellectual properties.

Titled Spectrobes, this anime-inspired action-RPG tells the story of two junior Interplanetary Patrol officers, Rallen and Jeena, who discover strange, prehistoric creatures called Spectrobes. These fossilized Spectrobes possess special powers that hold the key to defeating an unstoppable force, known as the Krawl, that threatens to destroy the galaxy. As the two heroes set out to save their galaxy, they must excavate, awaken, train and collect all the Spectrobes they can in order to battle and defeat the Krawl.

Spectrobes allows players to excavate, train and battle with nearly 500 unique creatures. Once a creature is excavated, using the touch screen portion of the Nintendo DS, the Spectrobe will awaken and be ready for battle. Players must collect, train and evolve their Spectrobes in order to progress and beat the game.

At this time, no release date has been set for Spectrobes in any region due to it being in the early stages of development. Be sure to check back here at RPGamer for any future details.

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