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New Faces, Battle System Changes in Store for Xenosaga III


Xenosaga 3

New images recently posted on Famitsu and Impress (which you can find here) offer some new insights into the upcoming closer in the Xenosaga series. Gamers following the series will get to meet two new characters in Xenosaga III, as well as sink their teeth into a battle system that's seen an upgrade since Xenosaga II was released.

Voiger, a past acquaintance of the android Ziggy, is a member in a mysterious group known as "Testament." While Voiger and Ziggy have had some dealings in the past, Voiger's intentions are still a mystery. The second new arrival, known as Doktus, is in the underground society that Shion joined during the events of Xenosaga II. Calm and level-headed, Doktus is skilled in the arts of infiltration and command on the battlefield.

The battle system found in Xenosaga III will share much in common with its predecessor, but a few changes are in order. One such change is called the "Break Gauge," which fills as characters take damage in battle. Once this gauge is full, that character is rendered immobile for two full turns, and all attacks received at that time are considered to be critical hits. The gauge will fill at different speeds for each character, and enemies will also have their own gauges.

Xenosaga III is currently scheduled for a North American release sometime this fall.

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