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PLAY! Concert to Include Music from Zelda Series


PLAY! A Video Game Symphony

Yesterday, JMP Productions announced that it will now be including music from The Legend of Zelda series in its PLAY! A Video Game Symphony concert tour. This addition is part of the concert's decision to incorporate music from Nintendo titles, which also includes pieces from the Super Mario Bros. series.

"Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda serve as the evolutionary platform for modern day video games. The theme songs from these classic games serve as iconic anthems for multiple gaming generations." said PLAY! producer Jason Michael Paul. "What has been hailed as the greatest selling video games of all time hopefully will encourage fans to attend one of the most highly-anticipated video game concert events."

RPGamer has been covering developments regarding the addition of RPG related music to the show for quite some time now. You can be sure that we'll keep you posted on any other news concerning the concert as it becomes available.

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