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Square Enix and Konami to Team Up


Square Enix

Thought Kingdom Hearts was the craziest Heinz 57 to come out of the unpredictable world of RPGs? Think again. According to industry sources, an upcoming issue of Japan's Famitsu gaming publication is scheduled to announce a new amalgamation of two very different video game series -- and one of them isn't even an RPG. Kojima Productions will be teaming up with Square Enix's Final Fantasy studios to create a Metal Gear/Final Fantasy hybrid game.

Though very little is known about the project, insiders hinted that the title will have a strong mix of fantasy elements and stealth gameplay, which the two series are best known for. It was also deciphered that the game will be a tactical RPG and borrow gameplay ideas from both the Final Fantasy Tactics and Metal Gear Acid series. Also, cameos and starring roles by characters from both worlds are expected in the new game. When Konami was reached for comment, however, the spokesperson only handgestured.

Unfortunately, nothing else is known about the project since it isn't scheduled to be officially unveiled until next month. Expect an influx of new details once the Famitsu issue hits newsstands.

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