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IGN Declared Clinically Insane by GameFAQs Forumgoers


GameFAQs Center for Addiction and Mental Health

IGN, the internet gaming media powerhouse, has been declared clinically insane by a panel of forumgoers at a competing site, GameFAQs. The panelists, a group of experts in the mental health field, cited the difference between the site's review score for Kingdom Hearts II of 7.6, or "Good", and the average score of its readers, 9.4, as the chief factor behind their decision.

"think different, if there was any single thing that couldnt be more stupid if you shot it in the smartness, its IGNorant if IGN's stupid was metal, Auron000 could build a loltank out of it," explained the panel's lead psychiatrist, a0lgamez224. He went on to elaborate that "IGN are idiots at judging Kingdom Hearts II at a 7.6!?!?!?!"

Others who frequent the board are not surprised by the decision; says forumgoer soraboi89, "i bet they were never true fans and they was just trying to fit in and now that ONE review out of hundreds gave a low score they have a reason to show their true opinions."

Another reader suggested that IGN's mental state was a sad joke, commenting "April fools guys, they were just kidding jeez... they wouldn't be that dumb as to say chain of memories is better then this... they will change the score later... either that or they just lost their minds and about half of their support"

IGN's new status as clinically insane does not seem to have hampered its ability to operate; however, the verdict may yet have far reaching ramifications, as GameFAQs forumgoers have rallied behind the notion of stopping the dangerously lunatic site in its tracks. As representative GoofyShorts puts it, "WE SHOULD ALL COME TOGETHER AND SIGN A PETITION BANNING IGN!!!!"

"IGNorance. dur," he added.

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