Nintendo Releases Listing Hints at Fire Emblem Localization

While there is nothing official yet, a preliminary release list, leaked from Nintendo of America, appears to contain a title which should be of some interest to long-suffering import fans. Alongside various other titles, such as Metroid: Zero Mission, Nintendo's list includes "Sword of Fire." It is possible this title may refer to Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken, the subtitle of which translates to "Sword of Fire."

Beyond this tantalizing hint, there is little to suggest that Nintendo will be bringing the game overseas. No other entry in the Fire Emblem series has ever escaped Japan, and as a result, it is relatively unknown outside that country. Still, it has managed to attract a small and intensely loyal fanbase, suggesting that a wider release might be highly successful. Whatever the case, little will be known before E3, where it is rumoured that Nintendo may be showcasing the title. RPGamer will be sure to bring you any developments in this story as they occur.

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by Andrew Long    
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