Golden Sun Update

A few tidbits on Nintendo's GameBoy Advance title, Golden Sun have emerged as the game's release date draws nearer. The information relates largely to the game's battle system, which will apparently feature summon monsters. Four of the summons have been revealed at this point: water, ground, wind, and ice spirits will all be available for players to call upon during battle. Additionally, each character will have their own special abilities. Some which have been identified at this point are Imagine, which allows the player to see through obstacles, freeze, which freezes water in the exploration screen, and move, which enables obstructions to be removed entirely. It is not known whether these abilities are usable in battle, out of battle, or both, as with the exception of the freeze ability no mention was made of this.

Golden Sun is currently lined up for a Japanese release date of August 1st. No pricing information has been made available, and there is currently no word on the North American release.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The Magic Box]
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