Lufia: The Legend Returns Announced for North America
Lufia: The Legend Returns

Natsume Inc., publisher of the Super Nintendo title, Lufia II: Rise of Sinistrals, has officially announced that the game's long-awaited GameBoy Color followup, Lufia: The Legend Returns, will be released in North America this summer. This will undoubtedly come as great news to fans of the game's predecessor, as the same individuals were involved in the development of the sequel. "A reunion of the development team was essential to create this chapter in order to maintain the same gaming world of Lufia," said to Hiro Maekawa, President and CEO of Natsume. He went on to state that the team "believe[s] that the fun factor of the game remains the same, even if the game console has been changed. We put all the know-how we accumulated through Lufia and Lufia II to create this latest chapter, Lufia: The Legend Returns. This is not just an another RPG, but instead is a piece of work that every member has put their soul into."

The latest episode in the Lufian Legend offers RPGamers the chance to play through a unique storyline filled with love, hope, honor, fear and revenge. The game includes 12 playable characters, hundreds of weapons, items, spells and foes, as well as more than thirty hours of gameplay on the GameBoy Color. Lufia: The Legend Returns will be available in North America this July, with a Japanese and European release following.

by Matthew Wanlin
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