Dreamcast Peripherals Confirmed at E3
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Several previously unannnounced peripherals as well as known ones popped up at E3. Here is a list of the current ones:

Ethernet Card: This card will be used to in the same slot at the modem (replaces the 56K modem) and it's assumed it will be used with 2Wire's connection. It will also allow cable and DSL connections.

MP3 Player: a small unit that will fit into the controller of the Dreamcast, which can have MP3s from the 'net dowloaded right into it. About the size of a VMU card.

Zip Drive: Though it is currently unknown how this will plug into the Dreamcast unit, it will be able to store data dowloaded from the internet via the Dreamcast. Looks like a good way to save larger saves or special mini-games.

Sega Dreamcast Camera: The camera can be used to see your opponent as you play interactive games. Video conferences can also be enacted in real time, by using the dreamcast to broadcast the video and audio signals over the internet. The camera will also have the ability to capture stills and send them out via the Dreamcast internet connection.

Sega Dreamcast Microphone: To be used with the upcoming 'Seaman' game, the microphone will plug into the controller and be used to interact and/or direct the game's AI. Other games and uses are expected to be announced in the near future and it's possible the microphone wil be used in conjuncture with the camera.

Dreamcast Mouse and Keyboard: Previously announced, these two peripherals will make cruising the internet easy and fast. This also brings into debate the ever-shrinking different between consoles and PCs.

Colored controllers and VMUs: With cute names such as Sonic Blue, Knuckles Red, and Tails Yellow, the new memory packs and controllers are likely to be a big hit. Now you can claim your own controller and be able to keep track of those save files by color coding.

A very strong lineup of things to come. However, the one question in doubt now is the price. It is a serious question, as to how much DC owners are willing to spend on these little 'add ons'. Will a consumer have to pay as much as they did for the system in ordet to enjoy it? Stay tuned to RPGamer as more info on Dreamcast peripherals comes out.

by Anna Marie "Paws" Whitehead    
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