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It seems that Dragon Quest VII will be, that's right, delayed yet again. It seems that there were problems running the game on the PS2, so Enix decided to work on its premier title for another month. However, this has not been confirmed as of yet.
Source: [Minaduki]

The consequence of Dragon Quest VII's delay is that another premier title may be put off, namely Square's Final Fantasy IX. Square may feel that releasing its game so close to Enix's will affect its sales. It seems Square still fears the might of Enix.
Source: [Minaduki]

On a somewhat lighter note, Square's Millenium Collection, previously reported in Import Tidbits, will be released on June 29. There are ten titles planned for this collection and each are limited sales of 50 000 copies. The collection will be packed with goodies such as tea-cups, T-shirts, watches, and cards. Eager Square collectors should look for these as imports, but the chances of getting a copy are definitely low, as even buying it in Japan would be difficult.
Source: [Minaduki]

On more Square news, its biggest project, Final Fantasy: The Movie is costing 7.4 billion yen in production fees. That is, 68.3 million US dollars. That is quite an amount, considering the movie has a long way to go before its release. The movie will be simultaneously released in Japan and US summer next year.
Source: [Minaduki]

Koei, the company that made all those historical strategy games such as Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and now Kessen on the PS2, announced on April 27 its plans for an online RPG for Windows, called Apsaras. Set in an oriental fantasy world called Selestia, players will team up in various dungeons, collecting items and battling monsters. Like other online RPGs, players will be able to chat to others and exchange items. It will be released in Autumn in Japan, but an English version is already planned.
Source: [Gamespot Japan]

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