Square announces a Summer of Adventure

If the news that Squaresoft was releasing a new game every month from May to September, and possibly October depending on when they announce the formal North American release date for Final Fantasy IX, wasn't exciting enough, then you will really love this. Squaresoft has decided to reward those who pre-order their upcoming games for the months of June, July, and August. The games are 'Legend of Mana,' the fourth Seiken Densetsu title, 'Threads of Fate,' the title formerly known as Dewprism, and the very much anticipated sequel to Chrono Trigger, 'Chrono Cross.'

What will the lucky pre-orders get? Why, one of the rarest sights on the North American continent. Game music! With each game you pre-order, you will receive a CD with selected music tracks from the game you purchased. Also, if you pre-order all three games from the same place, you will receive a free knapsack with the "Summer of Adventure 2000" logo on it.

This great deal is only while supplies last. The deal is available at your local Babbages, Software ETC, Funcoland, or Electronics Boutique. Make sure to pre-order these great games early to ensure that you will receive this merchandise.

by "Doug "Stom" Hill"    
Source: [Squaresoft]
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