Legend of Mana Japanese Date Set, Other News

    Square has released some new information on its upcoming RPG, Seiken Densetsu: Legend of Mana. First, a date of July 15, 1999 has been set for the Japanese release.

    Second, information was also released on the "pet ranch" located in the middle of the Mana world. Here, players can raise and breed monsters they have previously captured. Monsters are captured by using fruits or other baits, and must be fed seed or fruits after you capture them. Players are permitted to bring one pet along on their adventure, which will fight along side the player and even grow stronger from fighting.

    It was also unvieled that it will be possible to make your own items, by gathering the right materials and taking them to the "Making Room".

Source: [Magic Box]

Legend of Mana Screen
SD: Legend of Mana features high quality in game artwork, among other things.
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